Experiences in Luang Prabang

Step beyond the “Classic Tour” and discover all Luang Prabang offers. You’ll find adventures in nature, handicraft villages, and rarely visited temples across the Mekong. Play a round of golf, zip-line over a waterfall, stroll through ethno-botanical gardens, take a Lao cooking class, or trek to an ethnic homestay. Extend your stay and dive deeper into Luang Prabang.    

Booking a Tour

Staff at Luang Prabang View’s Tour Desk, located in the lobby, are ready to help you book the tour you want. The hotel provides information on various tours, and the links below lead to more. Once you’ve selected the attractions and activities for your tour, the staff will connect with the hotel’s qualified partners to set your itinerary. Keep reading to discover all there is to see and do in Luang Prabang 

Things to Do

Trek to ethnic villages and waterfalls, or go off road on a bike. Try kayaking, or take a handicraft class. Hop on a river cruise or fly on a zip line. To discover more about Things to Do in Luang Prabang, Click Here.

Top Attractions

Check out Luang Prabang’s ancient temples, museums, architecture, arts and culture, craft villages, caves, waterfalls, and nature parks. To uncover Luang Prabang’s Top Attractions, Click Here.

Buddhist Temples

Witness the role Buddhism plays at the temples and shrines of the Lane Xang Kingdom’s first capital. Examine Vat Xieng Thong’s elaborate décor under a long sweeping roof. Move on to inspect Luang Prabang’s oldest operating temple, Vat Visounnarath, built in the early 16th century. Climb to the top of Mount Phousi to Vat Tham Phousi and Vat Chomsi. To learn more about Luang Prabang’s Buddhist Temples, Click Here.

World Heritage

Looking for heritage sites in Luang Prabang? You can stay, dine, and shop in 100-year-old French colonial buildings in the heart of the UNESCO-listed “Old Town”. Just step outside your hotel. In the Lane Xang Kingdom’s ancient capital, culture and Buddhism merge to present one heritage site. To read more about Luang Prabangs’ UNESCO World Heritage, Click Here.


Several waterfalls tumble down the mountains around Luang Prabang Town, including the famed Kuang Si. Tourism businesses have developed some falls’ environments into nature parks with botanical gardens, zip lines, and camping. To explore Luang Prabang’s waterfalls and on-site activities, Click Here.


Head outside of Luang Prabang’s tourist centre, and trek through jungles, along rivers, and up mountains to ethnic villages, caves and waterfalls. You’ll find short, easy treks around town, and multi-day journeys with overnight homestays further afield. More extreme adventures climb steep mountains to unrivalled views. To check out trekking in Luang Prabang, Click Here.

What’s New & Cool in Luang Prabang

Luang Prabang is loaded with bucket- list “must sees”, but the UNESCO city offers a world of activities beyond the traditional trail. Stay an extra day or two, and do something different. To take a look at what’s New & Cool in Luang Prabang, Click Here.

The Mekong’s Other Side

Board a ferry behind the National Museum and cruise across the Mekong to Ban Xieng Maen Village in Chomphet. You’ll find the Four Temple Tour, Pottery Village, Green Jungle Flight at legendary Hoi Khua (100 Families Waterfall), and Pha Tad Ke Botanical Gardens with a café and shop. To find out more about the Mekong’s Other Side, Click Here.

The Road to Kuang Si Falls

Take in six attractions on the road to Kuang Si Falls. Get your hands dirty at Living Land’ s Organic Farm, or watch the buffalo dairy process at the Lao Buffalo Farm. The Kuang Si Butterfly Park presents an educational respite, before a meal or drink in nature at Carpe Diem Restaurant. And then it’s the Save the Bears Sanctuary at the gateway to the grand prize…Kuang Si. To follow the Road to Kuang Si, Click Here. wearelao.com/blog/edit-blog-entry-new-cool-luang-prabang-road-kuang-si-falls